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Live Music & Brunch in Currents | Swing44 

Jun 11, 2023


11:30 AM- 01:30 PM




Head to CURRENTS for Brunch with tasty bites and live music by Swing44! 


"We're a small swing group from Bend, Oregon specializing in Django-style jazz, tunes from the Great American Songbook and beyond.

In this sub-genre of jazz--inspired by Belgian Gypsy guitar wizard, Django Reinhardt--you'll find tunes with names like Swing 39, Swing 42, and Swing 48, all named for the year in which they were written. We took our name from the latitude of Bend, Oregon.

This music will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your stride. Actual melodies! It's jazz for people who don't like jazz. That's right, it's Gateway-Jazz. You might even leave whistling some of these tunes. Come have a listen."